Add Devices

Select "Add a device" then press on the blue labels so your screen matches the image to the left.

Configure Controller

Modify "Controller" so the user can control the robot using the right joystick and use the paddle buttons to lift and lower the robotic arm

Prize #1

Flexi Dragon

(8 hours)

Flexible joints

15.5 inches long


Prize #2

Baby Dragon

(8 Hours)

Prize #3

Hand-Press Rocket Launcher

(5.5 Hours)

Prize #4

Mars Rover

(4 Hours)

Prize #5

UFO Launcher

(19.5 Hours)

Prize #6


(6.5 Hours)

Prize #7

Brontosaurus Puzzle

(4.7 Hours)

Prize #8

Flexi Frog

(1.5 Hours)

Prize #9

Flexi Baby Sea Lion

(2 Hours)