…is a cross-functional multidisciplinary team of interns that design and develop hardware to solve real-world problems.

                            Reybotics in partnership with Weslaco ISD Migrant Department is tackling a difficult challenge over the course of 1 year with 15 high school student interns: Design & manufacture robots to clean the largest antenna dish on Earth. It’s approximately 790,000 square feet (~9 football fields). It’s huge! The folks at Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico have tried for over 35 years to devise a way to clean the dish to no avail. Students will manufacture this robot in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas then travel and test their creation atop the dish. For the first school semester, students learned fundamentals in CAD (Solidworks), electronics, and programming. We started rapid prototyping January of 2016. We will all fly to Puerto Rico on May 18 to test our creation.